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Day 1 of the Lurie "Lur"ning Academy in Toronto, Canada started during some uncertain times in 2020. Jeff wrote a poem about a few stay-at-home adventures he had experienced with his 4 year-old daughter Jaime. Jaime didn't start kindergarten. Instead, she immediately started her career as her Dad's Creative Director!


They scoured online CVs from illustrators worldwide. Jaime finally decided on Andy Yura from East Java, Indonesia. Together, they crafted the perfect blend of real and imaginary worlds in a colourful and creative way creating this fun new kid's book. They also had a blast placing Jaime's favourite snuggle toy "Elefanté" on each page.


Why stop there? 


They then teamed up with animator Bima Susila and brought the book to life. Jeff recorded all of the music at home in his studio with the occasional guest feature from Jaime; she is credited for playing the french horn in the boat scene and the harmonica in the end credit!

Then it was time to record the voice over. Within very few takes, (Jaime had already memorized the book and all the melodies) they retold the whole story and then got to pick out different SFX for all of the actions in the animation. Jaime was even track engineer for some of the recording pressing record, sitting at the console and picking the best takes!

The final step was recording the Jaime Jangles theme song! For that task, the father-daughter production team had to call on Mom Erin to help sing the chorus!


When they aren't working on their children's book and video

 "The Adventures of Jaime Jangles", the father-daughter

duo is hanging out with Super-Mom Erin and new sister Casey Bea and the rest of the family! Jaime is a professional big sister and Jeff is a Voice Director/Music Composer and a Professional Doubles Squash Player.

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